Reverse planet

The subjective planet is illuminated and warmed from within by the core of everyone’s attention.

Automated systems and scanning constantly wandering epicenter include the possibility of visual information.

A void surrounded by a dense medium, where the tops of the mountains are directed towards this epicenter, and the seas and oceans due to gravity are drawn into the depths of the infinite dense medium.

In clear weather, any object on the surface can be seen, unless the gaze overlaps another object, wall, roof, trees.

Any inhabitant of such a planet can check the information coming to him through other sources of perception with his own eyes, even if with some delay.

What we call spaceships here on this planet like drilling rigs that are looking for other planets like this new void.

Any enthusiast can use a shovel to dig a cavity for himself in his area.

The imagination of the inhabitants of the planet stimulates it in a natural way and is promoted through aesthetic formations.

The journey in this reality is conditioned by your imagination, with the help of which you can contribute and get a ticket for the device in your hands right now, just complete this illusion with the help of comments.

To be continued …

Post your questions, comments, legends & watching for de vote

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